Fine-looking lawns don’t just happen. Other than hiring professional help from lees summit lawn care, you must have to prepare the space for the seeds and then perform all the follow-up lawn care and maintenance. Only then you may want to set-up the lawn chairs and umbrella. 

Seeding a lawn may take up more than a few hours of your time if you are seeding the first time. Every step must be done carefully and every task takes time to complete. If you don’t what to do, just follow a guide on how to seed a lawn and that will guide you in every step necessary. 

Preparing a lawn is probably the biggest step because it requires a physical effort. You will need to work on the soil in this step, loosening the soil and removing all weeds and rocks. This task needs more attention, you must know that grass seed will likely not grow in compressed soil so you must dig deep in the soil wherein you wish to spread the grass seeds. Whenever the soil is moist and loose already, clear all rocks and weed, this will require less time in this case. And if the soil is compact, hard, overgrown or rocky, it will take you longer. Using a rake and a shovel is best to break up the soil making it effective in cleaning your lawn in preparation for seeding. Then dig deep, and make it at least 4 inches down 

After you have prepared the soil and removed all the rocks and weeds, the next step is to improve the soil in your lawn area. Add compost on the prepared lawn soil and then rake it in or you have to turn it in with a shovel. It’s easy to just leave the compost on top of the soil but it’s better to mix it evenly. After its done, rake through the soil of the pieces of wood and remaining rocks. When the preparation of the law soil is complete, it’s time for seeding.  

Ask your garden store expert the type of grass that grows best in the area and better ask also the pros and cons of different grass, in this way you can have an idea on what options you would take. Take this into account when selecting the type of grass to plan, the time to seed your lawn appropriately depends on the type of grass you are planning to purchase. If you are not familiar with the grass you purchase, ask the store expert some ideas and instruction on how to use the seed and how much seed to use and how to sow it and follow the steps. 

Once you already seeded the lawn, you should follow a few essential seeded lawn care tips. Mulch the seeded lawn with straw first and cover about 75% of the soil. The light layer of straw holds moisture and prevents the seed from blowing away. It is also important to have irrigation and keeping the soil damp all the time but control the water never to wash the grass seeds away. Need a finance to purchase check this instant loans up to 15000 approved online Citrus North. The amount of irrigation depends on the type of grass seeds. One example of this is a bermuda seeded grass lawn that should be lightly watered about three to four time a day while a perennial rye seed needs water twice a day only.